Markthallen Restaurant

Tue–Sat 6 pm–Midnight | Sunday & Monday closed
Pücklerstraße 34
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

This is a market restaurant, with an emphasis on the market. A restaurant and bar located right where it's all about food, about fresh and high quality produce as well as the debates around it: In one of the few remaining historic market halls of Berlin. What should be the defining flavours be in market restaurant in the 21st century – 127 years after the first plates were served at its very tables.

Our cuisine is focused on seasonal, local produce and simple cooking. It's based on recipes, foodways and techiniques of our grandparents – whether they came from Berlin-Kreuzberg, Brandenburg or the coast of the Black Sea.

Pointed cabbage, beef brisket, apple compote. The beer that is brewed downstairs in the cellar of Markthalle Neun. We always start out asking: What can we make of the good, the simple things? Cooking from nose to tail and from leaf to root. It is not so much about refining the taste, but about its sincerity.

Butter & corn soup with roasted smoked bacon & caraway seed

Tomato from the Uckermark stuffed with celery, mayonnaise & cress

Fresh salad of garden fennel, Williams pear with dill & smoked mozzarella

Buffalo milk Burrata with marinated Spreewald tomatoes, lemon and rocket

Main Dishes
Meatloaf of beef & pork with Frankish coleslaw & tomato sauce

Breaded chops of Duroc pork with cucumbers "Russian grape", roasted potatoes & mustard sour cream

Wiener Schnitzel of veal with cranberries and potato-cucumber salad or fried potatoes and cucumber salad

Fried chanterelle cheese cake with garden lettuce & raspberry dressing

Homemade Spätzle with Swiss cheese and a side salad

Jellied pudding of red mirabelles with vanilla sauce